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B-Town Bees is located in Puyallup, WA but operates all throughout the South King county/North Pierce county region. Our aim is to provide Honey Bees with well cared for homes to allow them to continue to pollinate and thrive in our local neighborhoods and gardens. There is a symbiotic relationship between us and pollinators, and they are currently in need of our help. Read on to see the services we perform in order to facilitate helping these amazing creatures!


Hosting is the lifeline of our company! Keeping bees requires two things: space and funds. Our hosting program accomplishes both! Click here to read on.


Honey Bee colonies swarm when their existing location is full and they need to find another home. It's a fascinating occurrence and is rare to see. Unfortunately, these bees often find less than ideal homes and either don't survive or are exterminated by people who find them in problematic areas. But we will come get them! Click here for more info.


Occasionally when a swarm is not captured, it finds a home in a less than ideal place. Say your attic or walls, for instance! B-Town Bees provides free estimates for the safe removal, capture, and relocation of these honey bees. Get them out of your house while still helping the bees! A win-win. Click here for more on hive cut-outs.