Problematic Bees!

Sometimes a swarm of bees decides their next home will be in an inconvenient location. This could be an attic, wall cavity, a bucket, a corner of a shed ceiling, or anywhere in-between. The good news is, they can be saved and relocated. The bad news, sometimes these services can be very time consuming so costs may occur. B-Town Bees will come out, examine the site, and provide an estimate / plan for removing them.

Considering just calling an exterminator? Before calling them, call us! Often exterminators cut corners with honey bees. We remove the bees safely, relocating them and all of their babies and honey, instead of leaving it in your walls. Some exterminators poison them, seal them off and let it all decay in walls. Our consultation is free! Let us identify if they are in fact honey bees and provide you with a removal cost / plan.

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